Family: Commelinaceae
Scientific Name: Rhoeo spathacea 
Common Name: Boat lily, Rheo, Oyster plant, Moses-In-The-Boat
An easy to grow plant for the bright areas of the indoors. Very tolerant of many different growing environments.
plant type:
Indoor Foliage
Hardiness zone:
The color of the foliage is in direct relation to the amount of light. The brighter the light the darker purple the foliage, the less the light the greener the color. Prefers strong bright light.
Evenly moist to approach dryness. Plant is somewhat succulent.
Soil & Site:
Growing Media:
average house
average house
The flowers are tiny and white found in a boat (cradle) shaped purple bracts.
Forms a cluster of stems that produce a rosette. The rosette increases in size by short rhizomes and clumping from the main stem.
A small plant, easily kept in 4-6" pots, can get larger depending on the size of the pot
If the plant gets scraggly give it a hair cut and it will quickly regrow.
Cutting are very easy to root. Ones taken further down the stem, near the base of the plant seem to root over night. Cuttings taken in the mid to upper portion of the stem will root in around a week or less.
Native site:
Mexico, West Indies
Cultivar Origin:
Introduced as a houseplant in the mid 1950's.
Misc Facts:
When flowering it will like a small purple boat with people inside, hence the name "Moses-In-The-Boat".
Author's Notes:
A very easy plant to grow indoors or out. I have seen it used many times in outdoor hanging baskets in combination of annuals
Notes & Reference:
#02-Exotic Plant Manual (Alfred Byrd Graf), #158-Plantepedia (Maggie Stuckey)