Family: Asteraceae
Scientific Name: Senecio rowleyanus 
Common Name: String-of-Beads, String-of-Peas, String-of-Pearls
An easy to grow succulent plant with small spherical leaves that resemble a string of beads.
plant type:
Hardiness zone:
bright to direct, if the plant is grown in lower light conditions the leaves will be smaller and the internodes longer
dry out between waterings
Soil & Site:
well drained
Growing Media:
well drained, cactus and succulent mix
Average house is preferred during the growing season. During the resting period they prefer 50-55 degrees F and will tolerate down to 45 degrees F.
composite flowers lacking ray florets, small, white and have a strong cinnamon smell.
thin stems, lined with small spherical leaves of about 1/4 inch in diameter, each has a longitudinal translucent stripe
will root at the nodes creating a mass of foliage hugging the surface, will cascade over the side of a container
Can easily reach 1-2 feet over the side of a container.
The plant will occasionally need to be cut back to rejuvenate the foliage of the pot. Also if the pot doesn't fill in, pull back a few of the cascading stems and lay them on the surface of the soil. They will root at the nodes and fill in the bare soil.
Sections of the stem can be laid on the media or tip cuttings can be rooted. A single leaf will root and form a small plant at the base.
Native site:
Southwest Africa
Cultivar Origin:
Misc Facts:
Author's Notes:
This plant is an attention grabber, people are extremely curious about the pea shaped leaves.
Notes & Reference:
#5-Lexicon of Succulent Plants (Hermann Jacobsen) ,