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Using Plant Search
Plant Names

  • When “Plant Names” is checked, the program will search the family,  genus,  species,  cultivar and common name fields
  • If the word prairie is keyed in, the program will find every plant that has prairie as part of its name.
  • If you know the plant was an ornamental grass than click “Advanced”, in the choices click “Ornamental Grass “.
  • This narrows the search to only ornamental grass, eliminating a lot of plants.


  • When “Text” is checked, the program will search all other fields for the word keyed in.
  • This search is good for finding botanical terms such as stolon, serrated, petiole, etc. or plants with specific characteristics.
  • If looking for a burgundy colored leafy shrub, key in burgundy,  click on “advanced “and “Deciduous Shrubs”.
  • Narrows the search to only shrubs with leaves, eliminating a lot of plants.

Alternative names, Synonym (syn)

  • There is no individual field for alternative names and synonyms
  • Check “text” and key in the word
  • An example of a synonym is Asters.  Many are now Symphyotrichum.


  • Check spelling
  • Check spacing, extra spaces throw off search
  • Use only 1 or 2 words