Family: Ranunculaceae

Scientific Name: Aquilegia canadensis Little Lanterns

Common Name: Aqulegia Little Lanterns

DescriptionA shorter, compact version of Aquilegia canadensis
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone4
Sunlightprefers partial sun, will tolerate full with adequate moisture
Moistureaverage to moist
Soil & Sitewell drained, humus rich, ph 5.8-6.8
Flowersred-orange flowers with a yellow corolla, blooms earlier than the species plant
Leavesbluish green, stalked compound leaf with three leaflets that have three divisions.
DimensionsA compact plant reaching 10-12" with the flowers.
PropagationSeeds must be kept at constant moisture and will germinate irregularly over a period of time.
Cultivar OriginIntroduced by the Jelitto Seed Company of Germany in 2002.
Notes & ReferenceJelitto Seed (
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