Family: Brassicaceae

Scientific Name: Brassica oleracea

Common Name: Ornamental Kale, Ornamental Cabbage

DescriptionAn ornamental vegetable that is at its prime in the fall of the year.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Annuals
Sunlightfull sun to partial shade
Soil & SitePrefers humus rich well drained soils but very adapatable.
TemperatureOnce established they are very cold hardy and will last late into the fall in zone #5.
FlowersThe beauty of these plants is not in the flowers but in the foliage. When the plants bolt (flower) they tend to lose their desired form. It is really a hardy biennial grown as a half-hardy annual.
LeavesThe plant forms a loose head. The leaves can be entire, wavy, scalloped or frilled. Colors are reds, pinks, green and white/cream.
DimensionsVery's with the cultivars but 10-14" high by 12-18" spread is a good average.
PropagationEasy to grow from seed.
Misc FactsOrnamental Cabbage and Ornamental Kale are botanically two different plants but mostly we don't distinguish between them. Ornamental Cabbage (B.oleracea capitata) forms a dense head with wavy or scalloped leaves and when in flower looks like a big rose. Ornamental Kale (B. oleracea acephala) has loose or deeply cut leaves and doesn't form a head.
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