Family: Caryophyllaceae

Scientific Name: Cerastium fontanum

Common Name: Mouse Ear Chickweed


Mouse eared chickweed (Cerastium fontanum) is a low mat forming plant that can develop into a troublesome weed.

Plant TypeWeeds, Perennials Hardy, Site author's observations
Hardiness Zone5
Sunlightfull to part sun
Soil & SiteFound growing in lawns, woods, pastures, abandon cultivated land, etc., very adaptable
Flowerswhite, very small, 5-notched petals found in small inflorescence.
Fruitsmall cylindrical seed pods (1/3-2/3 inches), reddish brown seeds
Leavesopposite, small, sessile, very hairy (pubescent)
Stemssomewhat sticky, erect to decumbent, creeping, rooting at the stems nodes
Rootsweakly rooted
Propagationreproduces mainly by seeds, sometimes by rooting stems
Native SiteIntroduced and naturalized from Eurasia.
Misc FactsA short lived perennial or annual.
Author's NotesI have this weed in the lawn and growing in the gardens. Through normal maintenance practices this plant is easy to control.
Notes & Reference#19-Common Weeds ( USDA Agricultural Research Service), #153-Illinois Wild Flower (, #191-Minnesota Wild Flowers (
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