Family: Pinaceae

Scientific Name: Abies balsamea nana

Common Name: Dwarf Balasm Fir

DescriptionA slow growing flat topped Dwarf Conifer
Plant TypeDwarf Conifers
Hardiness Zone3-7
Sunlightfull to part sun
Moistureaverage to moist
Soil & SiteCommon on cool, medium to wet sites with soil pH of 5.1-6.0. Tolerates average if not to dry.
Leavesflat green needles, stomatic white lines underneath
DimensionsAfter growing this plant for 5 years it has reached about 24" in width by about 12" in height (2000). Grows at the rate of 1-3" per year. Reaches 1-2 feet tall by 2-3 wide.
MaintenanceVery little, if any pruning is needed.
Native SiteSpecies native to most of North America.
Cultivar OriginIn cultivation since 1866.
Author's NotesI have about 3-4 of these plants growing in gardens and the once in the hot dry sites tend to be a lighter green and struggle more than the ones in the cooler moisture sites.
Notes & Reference#01-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr)
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