Family: Zygophyllaceae

Scientific Name: Tribulus terrestris

Common Name: Puncturevine, Clatrop

DescriptionThis plant considered a noxious weed.
Plant TypeWeeds
Moistureaverage to dry
Soil & Sitefound growing on roadsides, old pastures, dry waste areas, railroads, etc
Flowerssmall yellow axillary, may produce over 3,000 seeds per season.
Fruitseed pods with 5 burs, each with 2-4 sharp stout prickles
Leavespinnate compound, 10-16 leaflets, opposite and pubescent
Stemsbranches radiate from the center stalk, forms a dense prostrate mat
DimensionsCan reach over a foot in diameter.
MaintenanceControl is best accomplished by removing the plant by chemical or physical means before it sets seed. May take a few seasons to eliminate the seed bank.
Propagationpropagates by seeds
Native SiteMediterranean region
Notes & Reference#19-Common Weeds ( USDA Agricultural Research Service), #69-Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada ( Gleason, Cronquist)
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