Family: Amaranthaceae

Scientific Name: Amaranthus tricolor

Common Name: Joseph's Coat

DescriptionA tall slender plant grown for its multicolored foliage.
Plant TypeAnnuals
Moistureaverage to dry
Soil & Siteaverage to dry soils, will rot in wet soils
Leavesgreen, ovate to oval, 3-6 inches long by up to 4 inches wide, tapering to a point
DimensionsA tall slender plant reaching 4-5 feet.
Native SiteNative to India and the Philippines
Misc FactsUsed in gardens since the Elizabethan's times. The multicolored leaves of yellow, green and crimson inspired them to name the plant "Joseph's Coat". The genus name Amaranthus is derived from "a" meaning not and "maitanino" meaning wither.
Author's NotesThis colorful member of the Pigweed family that reminds me of a Coleus.
Notes & Reference#27-Rodales Annual Gardens, #28-Cottage Garden Annuals, #40-Herbaceous Ornamental Plants
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