Family: Aceraceae

Scientific Name: Acer palmatum a

Common Name: Japanese Maple

DescriptionThe section has a few pictures of Japanese Maple that have survived in zone 5b. In this hardiness zone they can be very touchy unless the proper microclimate is met.
Plant TypeTrees Deciduous
Sunlightfull to partial shade, probably best in the shaded site
Moistureaverage, moist, never dry
Soil & Siteaverage, moist, never dry
Flowersmost small and not very ornamental
Leavesleaves red , green to yellow depending on variety
Dimensionsin general less than 20 by 20 in zone #5
Propagationgrafting, cuttings
Author's NotesThe hardiness of these Maples has always puzzled me. I have seen them growing in protected sites but also in hot dry open sites.
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