Family: Taxodiaceae

Scientific Name: Taxus cuspidata capitata

Common Name: Upright Yew, Cone Shaped Yew

DescriptionA yew cultivar that is often grown and sheared into a small cone shaped plant.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Shrubs Coniferous
Hardiness Zone5
Sunlightsun to shade, the deeper the shade the looser the form
Soil & Siteprefers moist, well drained but tolerates average
Flowersnot ornamental
Fruitfleshy aril covering a brown seed
Leavesneedles, dark green on the upper surface, yellow green on the underside, very flat and two ranked
Dimensions40-50 feet tall, easily maintained to much smaller sizes, pyramidal form
MaintenanceVery prunable and easily kept to size. Has at least two growth flushes per season. Prune after the new growth hardens. Will recover slowly from hard pruning into old wood
Misc FactsUsually very hardy in zone #5 but avoid hot dry, sites where reflection from buildings and areas with cold winter winds. Genus name is an old Latin name for yews
Author's NotesI have seen large tree size plants of the Upright Yew.
Notes & Reference#01-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Dirr), American Conifer Society web site)
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