Family: Lamiaceae

Scientific Name: Lamium maculatum Beedham's White

Common Name: Lamium Beedham's White

DescriptionA Lamium with yellow foliage and white flowers.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Perennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone4-8
Sunlightsemi-shade but tolerates deeper shade. Plants will not be as compact or as colorful in the deeper shade areas
Moistureprefers moist not wet, tolerates average not dry
Soil & Sitehumusy, well drained, moist
Flowerswhite lipped, hooded flowers on short stalks, early spring and a few blooms during the year
Leavesyellow leaves on trailing stems.
Misc FactsReceived a 4 out of 4 rating at the Chicago Botanical Gardens Lamium evaluations.
Author's NotesBest site is not to dry or not to moist and semi-shade. Seems picky but worth the effort to find a spot for this plant.
Notes & Reference#04-Herbaceous Perennial Plants (Allan Armitage) #06-Perennials for the American Gardens (Clausen and Ekastro)
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