Family: Convolvulaceae

Scientific Name: Ipomoea tricolor Early Call

Common Name: Early Call Morning Glory


Early Call Morning Glory (Ipomoea) is a variegated Morning Glory variety that comes in a variety of colors.

Plant TypeAnnuals, Vines
Sunlightfull sun-tolerates some shade
Moistureevenly moist, will tolerate some draught
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowerswhite tubar, reddish purple lobes, occur single to several at one point, other colors, reds, lavenders, purples, etc.
Leavesvine, variegated, leaves come in many shapes
Dimensionsover 6-8 feet
MaintenanceIf it has a large area to grow onto, there is little work. If grown on a smaller structure it will need pruning to curb its rapid spread. The plant produces many flowers and deadheading helps keep the plant neat and promotes more flowers. Have had Morning Glories reseed, and return to the garden for 3-4 years in a row.
PropagationEasily grown from seeds. The seeds can be sown directly into the ground when the soil temperature reaches above 50 degrees. Or start indoors a few weeks early in a peat pot. References vary in how to start the seed, some say scarify the seed by scratching or soak over night in water.
Native SiteNative to Central America
Misc FactsSeeds of many morning glories contain derivatives of the chemical lysergic acid (LSD). These hallucinogenic and narcotic properties were known to be used by the Aztecs (#31-Garden Atlas).
Notes & Reference#28-Cottage Garden Annuals(Clive Lane), #31-Garden Atlas (Dr. John Grimshaw)
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