Family: Ranunculaceae

Scientific Name: Anemone cylindrica

Common Name: Thimble Weed, Candle Anemone

DescriptionA short white flowering native prairie plant. Grows best in full sun drier sites.
Plant TypeWild Flowers
Soil & Sitenative to dry, mesic prairies, needs well drained soils
Flowerswhite, 5 sepals, mid-June to mid-July, single white flower per stalk.
Fruitseed heads thimble like, dry seed heads will produce a mass of white cottony material
Leavesbasal leaves and a whorl of leaves on the flowering stalk, main stem leaves are stalked, deeply divided
Dimensions2' tall
PropagationIt can take two years from seed to flower.
Notes & Reference#09-The Prairie Garden (J. Robert Smith with Beatrice Smith), #56-Tall Grass Prairie Wildflowers (Doug Ladd)
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