Family: Solanaceae

Common Name: Trailing Petunia, Calibrachoa, Mini Petunia


Calibrachoa ABC's A plant that looks and acts a lot like a Petunia but has smaller flowers.

Plant TypeAnnuals, Perennial Tender
Hardiness Zone8-11
Sunlightbest in full sun. On cloudy rainy days the amount of open flowers is diminished
Moistureaverage. quickly becomes root bound and needs additional water later in the season
Soil & Siteaverage
Growing Mediaaverage
FlowersLots of small 1" flowers. A wide color pallet of cherry, rose, blue, bluish white, lemon yellow, pink, terra cotta, rose, etc.
LeavesForms a trailing stem that works in baskets and outdoor pots.
DimensionsStems can reach up to 20" in length.
MaintenancePruning to maintain the shape of the plant. This plant seems to get chlorotic. When this happens some liquid fertilizer seems to help fix the problem.
Propagationcuttings and division
Misc FactsCalibrachoa was separate from the Petunias in 1825. In 1985 DNA results were used to prove this separation from the Petunia's. AKA: Calibrachoa Terra Cotta, Calibrachoa "Trailing Pink
Notes & Reference#51-Armitage's Manual of Annuals, Biennials, and Half-Hardy Perennials (Alan Arimitage) ,
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