Family: Liliaceae

Scientific Name: Fritillaria meleagris

Common Name: Guinea Hen Flower, Fritillaria, Snakes Head, Checkered Lily, Sullen Lady, Leper's Bell

DescriptionA medium size plant bearing 1-2 bell-shaped, pendant flowers per plant. The petals have a checkered pattern.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizoms, etc.
Sunlightfull sun to shade
Moistureprefers moist
Soil & SiteNative to moist meadows and woods in Europe.
FlowersThe bell shaped flowers seem rather large for the plant. They are pendant, with a checked pattern (tessellate) on the petals. Color ranges from deep purple to white. A 1999 White Flower Farm catalog describes the flowers as "winsome, charming and unusual"
LeavesThe narrow leaves are alternate and rather sparse.
DimensionsThe plant size ranges from 6"-12" tall. Plant 5" deep and 5-10 plants per square foot.
Native SiteNative to moist meadows and woods in Europe.
Cultivar OriginA heirloom bulb in cultivation since 1572.
Misc FactsThe species name meleagris is taken from the Greek word for Guinea Hen.
Notes & Reference#57-Spring Flowering Bulbs (Dr. A.A. DeHertogh), #59-Naturalizing Bulbs (Rob Proctor), #60-The American Gardeners World of Bulbs (Judy Glattstein
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