Family: Aceraceae

Scientific Name: Acer saccharum

Common Name: Sugar Maple, Hard Maple

DescriptionA very large growing tree with great fall color.
Plant TypeTrees Deciduous
Hardiness Zone3
SunlightAs a seedling or sapling this tree can tolerate very deep shade. A mature tree grows best in full sun.
Soil & Sitewell drained, moist fertile soil. This type of soil is not typical of new sub divisions.
Flowersnot ornamental
LeavesThe Sugar Maple produces very dense foliage creating very deep shade making it hard to get grass and other plants established underneath the crown. The leaves are green during the growing season. Fall color varies from yellow to reds and orange.
DimensionsA slow growing, very large tree. In the landscape it may be less than in native sites but still the size is in excess of 60 feet in height and 30 feet in spread.
PropagationGrown form seeds. One way to tell this Maple from the very similar Norway Maple is to look at the samaras (winged fruit). Sugar Maples will be closed tight forming a U-shape, where as Norway will be wide spread.
Native SiteA native tree to many parts of the United States and Canada.
Misc Facts.
Author's NotesNot a good tree for polluted or hot dry areas. Extremely large growing if it likes the site. There are cultivars that are smaller than the species. This tree is the primary source for the production of maple sugar.
Notes & Reference#01-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr)
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