Family: Iridaceae

Scientific Name: Iris pseudacornus

Common Name: Yellow Flag Iris, Water Flag


Yellow Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus) is a rhizomatous beardless  plant. Tall growing with yellow flowers that likes wet soil conditions.

Plant TypePerennials Hardy, Wild Flowers
Hardiness Zone5-9
Sunlightfull sun, tolerates some shade
Moisturemoist to wet
Soil & Sitemoist to wet
Flowers4", yellow, 3 falls (sepals), 3 standards (petals), good cut flower, beardless
Leavesgreen, narrow, stiff, sword-like
DimensionsThe plant can reach up to 4' and will form a thick colony spreading by rhizomes.
Maintenanceremove seed pods to prevent reseeding
Propagationdivison of rhizoms, seeds
Native SiteNative of Europe and France
Notes & Reference#83-Favorite Wild Flowers of the Great Lakes and Northeastern USA, #100-Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest (Merel Black and Emmet Judziewicz)
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