Family: Caryophyllaceae

Scientific Name: Dianthus deltoides

Common Name: Maiden Pinks

DescriptionA low mat forming ground cover perennial. Produces masses of small flowers on wiry stems from late May through most of June.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Perennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone3-9
Sunlightfull sun to partial shade
Soil & Siteprefers well drained, moderately rich, slightly alkaline soils, easily rots in poorly drained soils
Flowers3/4", petals wavy to notched margins, found on 8"-10" wiry flowering stems. The stems fork ending in a solitary flower blooming end of May through June. Colors are red, rose, pink and bi color.
Leavesmat of grass-like foliage reaching 4"-6" tall, foliage may have a dark purple tint in the fall as the weather gets cooler
DimensionsWith the flower up to 10", without flowers 4"-6".
Maintenancecut back old flower stalks, shear plants to promote fresh growth
Propagationeasy from seeds, cuttings
Native SiteEurope
Misc FactsGenus name is derived from Greek Di (of Zeus or Jove) or dios (god or divine) and antho- (flower) components meaning 'Jupiter's flower or divine flower (
Author's NotesIt has been a short lived perennial for me, lasting only a few years. If divided every spring the growth process is renewed and it starts over.
Notes & Reference#04-Herbaceous Perennial Plants (Allan Armitage) #06-Perennials for the American Gardens (Clasusen and Ekastro)
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