Family: Cactaceae

Scientific Name: Nopalea cochenillifera var. Variegata

Common Name: Warm Hand Cactus, Velvet Cactus


Warm Hand Cactus (Nopalea cochenillifera var. Variegata) is a spineless Cactus with variegated flattened stems.  Ofter list in the Opuntia genus,

Plant TypeCactus
Hardiness Zone9b-11
Moistureaverage, dry, drought-tolerant
Soil & Siteaverage, well-drained, dry
Growing Mediacactus and succulent mix
Stemsspineless, fleshy flattened stems (cladode), often called pads or leaves (calling them leaves is botanically incorrect), green with bright yellow variegation
Dimensions6 plus feet
Propagationrooting the stem sections that can be removed at the joint
Native SiteThe species plant Nopalea cochenillifera is native to Mexico.
Misc FactsThe pads of pad cactus warm up in the sun, hence the name "Warm Hand Cactus'
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