Family: Sarraceniaceae

Scientific Name: Sarrencia flava

Common Name: Yellow Pitcher Plant


Yellow Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia flava) is a taller carnivorous plant with large yellow flowers. Uses the basic Pitfall to capture the insects

Plant TypePerennials Hardy, Carnivorous plants
Hardiness Zone(5) 6-8
Flowersvery large showy yellow petals with darker sepals, and fragrant, over 2 inches
Leavesyellow-green may have red veins, and the stem color can vary within the species
Dimensions20-plus inches tall
Native SiteWet Pocosins of Coastal Southeastern North America.
Cultivar OriginFirst described by naturalist Mark Catesby in 1731
Misc FactsUses the basic pitfall trap to capture the prey. Flava refers to yellow flowers.
Author's NotesRefer back to the ABCs of Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia) for additional information on the culture of this plant.
Notes & Reference#271-Carnivorous Plants (Adrain Slack), Carnivorous Plant Nursery (
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