Family: Amaranthaceae

Scientific Name: Amaranthus hypochondriacus 'Chinese Giant Orange'

Common Name: Chinese Giant Orange Amaranth


Chinese Giant Orange Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondiacus) is a tall annual reaching over 5-6 feet tall. Produces dense plumes of dark orange flowers.

Plant TypeAnnuals
Hardiness Zone10
Sunlightfull, mostly sunny
Soil & Siteaverage dislikes soggy
Flowersdense plumes of orange flowers, upright on the plant, become a burnt orange in the fall, and plumes loosen up and weep, can be used as a cut flower
Fruittan, orange seeds harvested for grain
Leavesyellow, yellow-green young and fall foliage, edible
Stemsheavy, thick
Dimensionsover 5-6 feet
Maintenancewill probably need to be supported
Propagationeasy from seeds started indoors
Misc FactsFrom the Greek word amaranthos, which means never fading, for these flowers are decorative dried for large bouquets. Young foliage and seeds are edible.
Author's NotesThese plants became a focal point in my back gardens. They reached over 6 feet tall, and the bright orange flowers lasted until the fall.
Notes & Reference#28-Cottage Garden Annuals (Clive Lane), #266-Gardening With Heirloom Seeds (Lynn Coulter)
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