Family: Asparagaceae

Scientific Name: Agave parrasana 'Fireball'

Common Name: FIre Ball Variegated Cabbage Head Agave


Fireball Variegated Cabbage Head Agave (Agave parrasana) is a compact Agave with bluish leaves and a variegated yellow edge.

Plant TypeSucculents, Perennial Tender
Hardiness Zone7b-11
Sunlightfull, may have some fading in strong light
Moisturedry, draught resistance, benefits from additional water
Soil & Sitewell-drained
Flowersyellow and orange, infrequent bloomer, tall stalks
Leavesshort broad waxy tightly-overlapping, pale blue-gray, large teeth toward the leaf apex, thin cream marginal variegation, has marginal teeth and terminal spine
Dimensions2 by 2 feet, artichoke growth form
Native SiteSpecies plant is found only in the higher elevations of a few remote limestone mountains in central and southern CoaHuila, Mexico.
Cultivar Origin"Named by Xeric World's Allen Raphasy, from whom we received this plant in 2007. Allen noted that he had acquired it unnamed from Mike Mahan who told him it was from a plant found in the wild that was naturally variegated. Allen named it 'FireBall' for its tight, compact, rosette that appears to be on fire with its bright yellow variegated margin." (#156)
Misc FactsThe species name parrasana comes from the town Parras in Coahuila where the plant was first collected by Carl Albert Purpus. AKA:Agave wislizeni ssp. parrasana; Fireball Agave
Notes & Reference#156-San Marcos Growers website (, #219-Agaves living sculptures for landscapes and containers (Greg Starr), #271-Agaves, Yuccas and Related Plants (Mary and Gary Irish)
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