Family: Solanaceae

Scientific Name: Petunia axillaris Rainmaster

Common Name: Rainmaster Petunia


Rainmaster Petunia (Petunia axillaris) is an heirloom Petunia discovered in the wild in 1823.  Has white flowers on long scrambling stems.

Plant TypeSite author's observations, Annuals
Flowerswhite, rainproof hence one of the common names 'Rainmaster'
Dimensionsover 3 feet long if not pruned
Cultivar OriginIt was collected circa 1823 when a brave explorer plucked it from the mouth of the Rio de la Plata in South America. Has been lost to cultivation and rediscovered on a few occasions.
Misc FactsRefer back to Petunia ABC's for further information on this plant. AKA: 'Rainmaster' Petunia, 'White Moon' Petunia, "Heaven Scent" Petunia
Author's NotesI grew this Petunia and was surprised at how well it performed. Lots of white flowers that held up to the rain. It can become a long scrambling plant unless pruned back to control the length. I grew it as a scrambling plant (over 3 feet long) and pinched it to control the size.
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