Family: Brassicaceae

Scientific Name: Barbarea vulgaris

Common Name: Winter Cress, Yellow Rocket

DescriptionThe bright yellow flowers of this early blooming plant are very noticeable in the early spring landscape. It is a short lived perennial or biennial and is found growing just about anywhere.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Weeds
Soil & Sitefields, waste areas, woods, etc.
Flowersbright yellow, borne in a spike-like raceme, 4 petals forming a cross and 6 stamens, April-May and fall
FruitBrownish seeds form in a thin capsule.
Leavesdark green basal leaves form a rosette, indented with a large terminal lobe, upper leaves clasp the stem progressively getting smaller and less indented
Stemscan be many stems from a single crown
Rootstap root
Dimensionsover 12" tall
Propagationspreads by seeds
Native SiteIntroduced and naturalized from Eurasia.
Misc FactsThe foliage has a bitter taste and is given the name "Bitter Cress" in many places. The sharp taste is due to the plant absorbing sulfur and metabolizing it into an oil. This is widely spread and common. Name Barbarea is after St. Barbara and vulgaris means common.
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