Family: Pinaceae

Scientific Name: Picea omorika pendula

Common Name: Weeping Serbian Spruce


Weeping Serbian Spruce (Picea omorika) A name applied to many different clones or types of Weeping Serbian Spruce.

Plant TypeTrees Coniferous
Hardiness Zone(4)5
Soil & Siteaverage
Leavesneedles, green to bluish-green
Dimensionsmature 30’ by 8’-10’ (HS) Oregon nurseries report this cultivar puts on 6’-10’ of height after 10 years of growth, weeping growth habit
Cultivar OriginGermany
Misc Facts"Picea omorika 'Pendula' is a named cultivar of Serbian spruce whose status is arguably questionable. Humphrey Welch and Gordon Haddow, in their 1993 book, The World Checklist of Conifers; as well as Gerd Krüssman's text from the same year, Manual of Cultivated Conifers, both forward the assertion that Picea omorika 'Pendula' is used as a name for a wide range of weeping Serbian spruces with many differing growth habits." (#202)
Notes & Reference#201-Conifers The Illustrated Encyclopedia (D.M. van Gelderen), #202-American Conifer Society (, #265-Conifers for the Garden (Richard L. Bitner)
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