Family: Begoniaceae

Scientific Name: Begonia rex-cultorum Shadow King rex-Begonia series

Common Name: Shadow King Rex begonia series


Begonia Shadow King series is a tender perennial grown for the wing to wedge shape leaves with many different patterns and colors. This series of rex Begonias are less problematic than others.

Plant TypeIndoor Foliage, Perennial Tender, Tropical herbaceous plants, Tender perennials often grown as annuals
Hardiness Zone10-12
Sunlightbright avoid direct
Moistureallow the surface of the media to dry out between waterings needs high humidity of 50% or more
Soil & Sitemoist, well-drained, never soggy
Temperatureday temperatures around 70 degrees F and night around 60 degrees F. may go dormant in cool 40-50 degree F temperatures
Flowersnot very ornamental
Leaveswing to wedge shape with many different patterns and colors
Dimensions10-12 by 10-12 inches
Propagationrhizome division, whole leaf, and partial leaf (wedge) cuttings
Misc FactsAKA: Rex Begonia Shadow King Cherry Mint. Rex Begonia Shadow King Cool White
Author's NotesRefer back to Rex Begonia for additional cultural information on this plant
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