Family: Hemerocallidaceae

Common Name: Apricot Daylily


Apricot Daylily (Hemerocallis) A heirloom Daylily hybridized in 1893. Has yellow-orange flowers.

Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Flowersorange-yellow medium with markings, bitone, or polychrome, early. Stout describes it as cadmium yellow
Dimensions30-32 inches tall
Cultivar OriginA cross between flava × H. middendorffii by George Yield 1893
Misc FactsOne of the first hybrid Daylily that there is a definite record. Has a dormant life cycle.
Author's NotesRefer to Daylily ABCs for additional cultural information on Daylilies.
Notes & Reference#118-Daylilies (AB Stout), #246-American Hemerocallis Society
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