Family: Apiaceae

Scientific Name: Pastinaca sativa Albion

Common Name: Albion Parsnips


Albion Parsnips (Pastinaca sativa) An easy to grow Carrot-like, fall harvested root vegetable.

Plant TypeBiennials, Edibles Vegetables, Site author's observations
Soil & Siteloaming garden soil, friable, deep
Temperaturetolerates cool temps, heavy frosts will kill the top but not harm the taproot
Fruitgreenish-yellow. grow in compound umbels, typical carrot flower, since they are biennials will flower the second year
Leavesgreen, pinnate
Rootswhite taproot like a carrot
Propagationseed in early spring, harvest in fall, harvest when reaches varieties size, sow in situ, on the slower side to germinate, seed thick and than thin to around 2-3 inches, may take multiple thinnings, pelted seeds easier to sow
Native SiteEurope and Western Asia, has become naturalized in many parts of North America
Misc FactsContact with the leaves can cause skin irritation. Pastinaca is derived from the Latin pastus meaning food. Genus name sativa means cultivated. AKA: BirdsNest, Hart's Eye, Madnip
Author's NotesThis has become a favorite fall vegetable for us. Seed in the spring and harvest in the fall. Easy to grow. Has a mild carrot taste.
Notes & Reference#272-Parsley's, Fennel's and Queen Anne's Lace (Barbara Perry Lawton), Site Authors experience
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