Family: Scrophulariaceae

Scientific Name: Angelonia angustifolia ABC's

Common Name: Angelonia ABC's


Angelonia ABC's (Angelonia angustifolia) An easy to grow and florific group of plants.  A tender perennial grown as an annual. Also called Summer Snap Dragon.

Plant TypePerennial Tender, Site author's observations
Hardiness Zone(9)10-11
Sunlightfull, mostly sunny
Moisturetolerates a wide range from moist to slightly dry, average has worked for me
Soil & Siteaverage, well-drained
Growing Mediaaverage patio
Temperatureheat tolerant, cold tolerant to the low 40's F
Flowers3/4” across, two-lipped snapdragon-like, borne on compact terminal racemes
Leavesgreen, oblong to lanceolate, green leaves (to 3” long) with toothed margins, slightly aromatic
Dimensionsupright, compact plant habit up to 30 by 24 inches depending on the variety
MaintenanceThe plants will continue to bloom throughout the entire summer with little or no dead heading.
Propagationterminal tip cuttings, seed
Native SiteNative to Mexico and the West Indies
Misc FactsAKA: Summer Snapdragons
Author's NotesWhen I first used this plant 20 years ago I had trouble growing it. Now I have used this plant in containers around my gardens and was amazed at the number of flowers produced with little or no extra work. It is now a main stay in my containers.
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