Family: Ulmaceae

Common Name: New Horizon Elm


New Horizon Elm (Ulmus) A hardy hybrid Elm with good resistance to Dutch Elm Disease and other Elm problems.

Plant TypeTrees Deciduous
Hardiness Zone3-7
Moistureaverage, moist, some drought tolerance
Soil & Siteaverage, moist, doesn't like poorly drained soils
Fruitsingle seed samara, flat wafer shaped
Leavesgreen, rusty purple in fall, double serrated edge, asymmetrical base
Dimensions20-25 by 30-40 (HS), upright oval
PropagationU.S. Plant Patent PP08,684, April 12, 1994.
Cultivar Origindeveloped in a disease resistance program at the University of Wisconsin. Madison Wisconsin USA, cross between Ulmus pumila (Siberian elm) and Ulmus davidiana var. japonica (Japanese elm)
Notes & Reference#144-Missouri Botanical Gardens web site (, #178-Morton Arboretum (, #253-The Tree Book (Micheal Dirr, Keith Warren)
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