Family: Brassicaceae

Scientific Name: Lobularia maritima Carpet of Snow

Common Name: Carpet of Snow Alyssum


Alyssum Carpet of Snow (Lobularia maritima) Forms a beautiful blanket of white flowers. Best in the color times of the growing season. A tender perennial grown as an annual.

Plant TypePerennial Tender, Site author's observations, Annuals
Hardiness Zone9
Soil & Siteaverage
Temperaturecool-season plant flowers best in the early spring, spring and fall, can have mid-summer slumps, in Zone #5 hardened plants can be put into the garden end of April to early May, reported to be hardy to 32 degrees F, also reported to be very heat tolerant
Flowerssmall, white fragrant
Leavessmall lanceolate to linear leaves, matting foliage
Dimensions4-6 by 10-12 inches (HS) mat forming
PropagationInstead of sowing in a seed flat and transplanting up to the growing container, it is better to sow directly into the finale growing container. Seedlings are very small.
Native SiteGrows as a perennial in Southern Europe, native to the Mediterranean
Notes & Reference#27-Rodale's Annual Gardens (Paul Loewer), #28-Cottage Garden Annuals (Clive Lane), #40-Herbaceous Ornamental Plants (Steven Stills)
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