Family: Rosaceae

Scientific Name: Fragaria virginiana

Common Name: Wild Strawberry


Wild Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana) A native ground cover with white flowers producing an edible fruit. The fruit of the wild version of strawberry are much smaller than the cultivated types.

Plant TypeWild Flowers, Edible Fruit, Site author's observations
Hardiness Zone4
Sunlightfull, mostly sunny
Moistureaverage, medium
Soil & Siteaverage, open woods, woods openings, fields
Temperaturegrow best in the cooler part of the growing season
Flowerswhite, white petals, can be: pistillate (female), staminate (male), or perfect (both male and female parts), forms umbel-like clusters
Fruitred, called a berry but is really an aggregate fruit, and aggregate of pistils in one flower, tasty and edible
Leavesthree sharply toothed leaflets on top of a long pistil (trifoliate) originating from the crown
Stemsspreaders by red runners (stolons), can form a mat of foliage
Rootsoriginate from the crown, fibrous
Dimensionscan spread indefinitely by runners, 4-6 inches tall
Propagationdivision, digging up plantlets
Misc FactsFragaria is from the Latin name for the strawberry and comes from fragrans which refers to the smell of the fruit. Species name refers to Virginia. AKA: Virginia Strawberry, Common Strawberry
Author's NotesA grew up foraging for and eating countless numbers of this sweet/tart fruit. At one time it became an aggressive weed in one of my gardens. Crawly over and smothering other plants. No idea where the original plants came from. Probably bird doo doo.
Notes & Reference#61-How to recognize Flowering Wild Plants (William Carey Grimm), #140-Prairie Plants of the UW Madison Arboretum (Theodore Cochrane, Kandis Elliot, Claudia Lipke), #153-Illinois Wild Flower (
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