Family: Sapindaceae

Scientific Name: Acer cissifolium

Common Name: Ash Leaved Maple


Ivy Leaved Maple (Acer cissifolium) is a smaller Maple not commonly used in the landscape.

Plant TypeTrees Deciduous
Sunlightpart shade
Moistureaverage, moist
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowerssmall fragrant yellow ,borne in pendant racemes
Fruitsamara in long racemes
Leavestrifoliate , green to olive green, variable yellow to orange to red fall color.
Stemsbuds purplish, gray bark
Dimensions20-30 feet, globose
Native SiteJapan
Cultivar OriginIntroduced before 1870, 1878 at the Arnold Arboretum, USA
Misc FactsGenus name is the Latin name for a maple tree. AKA: Vine leaved Maple, Trefoil Maple, Japanese Boxelder
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