Family: Asteraceae

Scientific Name: Echinacea purpurea White Cultivars

Common Name: White Coneflower

DescriptionThis section contains some pictures of white coneflower cultivars.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Perennials Hardy
Sunlightbest in full, mostly sunny, light shade
Moistureaverage, tolerates drier conditions once established
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowerswhite, off white
Fruitachenes in the dried center disk
Leavesgreen, coarse, most at base of plant, some on stem but smaller
Stemsstout stem, has coarse white hairs
Dimensionsdepends on the cultivar
Maintenancemay reseed in the garden, cut back stout stem in fall or leave for winter interest
Propagationseeds, division
Misc FactsEchinacea from the Greek term for hedgehog, referring to the spiky appearance of the flower head.
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