Family: Psilotophyta

Scientific Name: Psilotum nudum

Common Name: Whisk Fern, Moa


Whisk Fern (Psilotum) is a primitive vascular plant.  Lacking true roots or leaves.  Is anchored to the soil by rhizomes.

Plant TypePerennial Tender
Sunlightfull sun to shade (very adaptable)
Moisturedry to moist (very adaptable)
Flowersnon flowering
Leaveshave structures that look like leaves but lack vascular tissue which true leaves have
Stemsthe organs containing conducting tissue and anchored the plant with creeping rhizomes
Rootslacking true roots
Native Sitetropic and subtropic regions of the world
Cultivar OriginFirst described by Olof Peter Swartz, a Swedish botanist and taxonomist in circa 1861
Misc FactsThe common name, whisk fern, refers to its use in the past as a small broom, made by tying a handful of its branches together. Genus is from the ancient Greek word psilos meaning "bare, smooth or bald. Referring to the lack of the usual plant organs, such as leaves or roots. Nudum is Latin referring to bare or naked stems. So we have a very naked plant.
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