Family: Apiaceae

Scientific Name: Aegopodium podagraria variegatum

Common Name: Goutweed, Bishop's Weed


Goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria variegatum) is a very aggressive, adaptable, and persistent plant. It will become an invasive plant in gardens

Plant TypePerennials Hardy, Site author's observations
Hardiness Zone#3
SunlightGrows in all light conditions but prefers semi-shade. The foliage can scorch in the full sun.
MoistureIn drought conditions this plant will wilt and lay flat on the ground. As soon as a little moisture is provided it will quickly regain its turgidity.
TemperatureOne of the first plants to die when a frost hits.
Flowerswhite, carrot-like flower umbels
Leavescompound, ternate, coarsely serrated, light green with a white irregular pattern, petioles expand at the base and clasp the stem.
DimensionsThe foliage reaches about a foot or taller, flower scapes taller. Spreads rapidly by rhizomes.
Maintenanceprobably best not to use this plant, especially in mixed beds.
Propagationvery easy from division
Native SiteNative to Europe and has naturalized in many areas.
Author's NotesI grew up jumping over and running through a large patch of these plants (we called it "Snow on The Mountain) at my parent’s house in Superior, Wisconsin (zone #4). No matter how much trampling these plants endured they always came back. The only place to use this plant is where it can't escape. Like between a driveway and a wall. In mixed gardens it will become a weedy pest.
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