Family: Podocarpaceae

Scientific Name: Podocarpus elongatus Monmal

Common Name: Icee Blue Podocarpus, Icee Blue Yellowwood, Cape Peninsula Stone Yew


 Icee Blue Yellowwood (Podocarpus) is an broadleaf evergreen small tree. The leaves mature to an Icee Blue.

Plant TypeBroadleaf evergreen, Trees Coniferous
Hardiness Zone9-11
Sunlightfull, mostly sunny, some shade
Moistureaverage, to low
Soil & Siteaverage
Leavesnarrow 2 inch long, emerge a light green-blue, mature to cool gray-blue, evergreen
Dimensions15-25 feet tall, pyramidal
Native SiteBreede River Valley , Western Cape Africa
Cultivar Origin2004 as a seed selection by Monrovia Nursery
Misc Factspodo' meaning "foot" or "footed" and 'karpos' which means "fruit" in reference to the fleshy stalk or receptacle that holds the seed (#156)
Notes & Reference#156-San Marcos Growers web site (
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