Family: Bromeliaceae

Scientific Name: Aechmea blanchetiana Orange

Common Name: Aechmea blanchetiana Orange


Aechmea blanchetiana Orange is a large Bromeliad with striking orange foliage. Impressive when used as a landscape plant in warm climates.

Plant TypePerennial Tender, Bromeliad
Hardiness Zone(9)10-11
Sunlightfull for best color
Moistureaverage, tolerates some dryness, keep vases full of water
Temperaturehas been reported to take 30 degree F temperature
Leavesform a vase of orange foliage
Dimensionsup to 50 inches high with a spread of 40 inches
MaintenanceThe water in the vase should be emptied from time to time it can become stale after a period of time. Remove the dead flower when it starts to detract from the appearance of the plant.
Propagationdivision of pups
Native Siteendemic to Brazil’s Atlantic forest
Misc FactsGenus name "Aechmea" derived from the Greek word aichme (point) in reference to the spear-shaped leaves.
Author's NotesI saw these plants used as landscape plants in Hawaii. They were impressive in size and foliage color.
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