Family: Chenopodiaceae

Scientific Name: Chenopodium Quinoa Brightest Brilliant Rainbow

Common Name: Quinoa, Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa

DescriptionAn annual with edible highly nutritious seeds. This variety has different colored seed heads. Mine never became as brilliant as advertised.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Annuals
Soil & Siteaverage
Temperatureprefers temperatures less than 90 degrees F
Flowersborne in a flowering panicle, very small, not ornamental, panicles are reddish, orangish, yellow, brown, etc.
Fruittakes about 90-120 days until the seeds are ready for harvest, harvest when dry
Leavespubescent, powdery, smooth grayish green, edible in salads or boiled
Dimensionsover 24-30 inches tall
Propagationseeds directly in soil after the soil has warmed up, seeding in peat pots or other "plantable" growing containeers
Misc FactsAn interesting thing is that the plant is related to "Lambs Quarters", which is a weed in the garden with much smaller seed heads.
Author's NotesAlthough we eat Quinoa I grew this plant for its ornamental seed heads.
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