Family: Liliaceae

Scientific Name: Fritillaria michailovskyi

Common Name: Fritillaria Michailovskyi

Plant TypeBulbs, corms, tubers, rhizoms, etc.
Moisturedry in summer, average other times
Soil & Sitewell drained, native soil is loose gritty loam
Temperatureneed cold winters to help flower production
Flowersbox shaped pendulent bells, carried singley
Dimensions6-12 inches tall
Maintenanceplanted shallow at 2-3 inches 5 inches apart, 4-5 per square foot, will naturalize if they like the site
Propagationseeds, division, bubblets
Native SiteTurkey
Cultivar OriginOriginally discovered by Michailovski in 1904, than rediscovered by Mathew and Tomilson in Turkey.
Notes & Reference#114-The Gardner’s Guide to Fritillaries (Kevin Pratt, Michael Brown)
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