Family: Campanulaceae

Scientific Name: Campanula garganica Dickersons Gold

Common Name: Dickersons Gold Campanula

DescriptionA gold leaf form of Campanula with light blue flowers.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone4
Sunlightfull, mostly sunny
Moistureaveage, moist
Soil & Siteaveage, moist, well drained
Flowersblue, stellate
Leavesyellow, many teeth
Dimensions6-8 by 8-12 inches (HS), forms a mound of foliage
Cultivar OriginStan Dickerson, Ponteland UK 1974, found in a batch of Camapanula garganica seedlings
Author's NotesBeen reported to be an aggressive spreader in optimum conditions. Plants three in my gardens (summer of 2016)
Notes & Reference#123-Dwarf Campanula (Graham Nicholls) #209-Campanulas A Gardeners Guide (Peter Lewis and Margaret Lynch)
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