Family: Actinidiaceae

Scientific Name: Actinidia kolomikta Artic Beauty

Common Name: Arctic Beauty Kiwi Vine, Variegated Kiwi vine

DescriptionA vigorous hardy Kiwi vine, grown for it's foliage color.
Plant TypeVines
Hardiness Zone5
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowerssmall yellowish flowers, behind the leaves, dioecious (male and female flowers on different plants)
Fruitmost nursery sold plants are male, female produce the fruit
Leavesemerging purple bronze, taking on various amounts of white and pink, best in the color times of the year, variable in amount and shape
Dimensions15-20 by 8-10 feet (HS)
Native SiteChina
Misc Facts#62-Manual of Climbers and Wall Plants (J K Burras, Mark Griffiths), #150- Armitages Vines and Climbers (Alan Armitage), #144-Missouri Botanical Gardens web site (
Author's NotesI have watched this plant grow on a old arbor for many years. As I mentioned above it is interesting how variable the variegation is on the leaves.
Notes & Reference"Genus name comes from the Greek word aktis meaning ray in reference to how the plant growth radiates like the spokes of a wheel". (#144)
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