Family: Solanaceae

Common Name: Madness Petunias

DescriptionA series of Petunias with 3 inch blooms in a wide range of colors.
Plant TypeAnnuals
Soil & Siteaverage
TemperatureAcclimated plants are very tolerant of cooler to cold temperatures. In zone #5 they do best in the early spring to early summer (May-June), have a tendency to slow down in the hot drier months and than come on strong in the cool fall (mid-September-October). With a little protection I have had Petunia's in bloom on Turkey Day. Hardened Petunias can be plant in early May (zone #5)
Flowers3 inch, a wide range of colors and colorful veination
Leavesalternate and covered with a viscid pubescence, making them sticky when pinched
Dimensions10-12 by 10-12 inches (HS), compact mounded spreading growth form
MaintenanceContainer plants need to be pruned to keep the plants compact. Deadheading will promote longer bloom time in both bedded and container grown plants. Plants in the garden may need cutting back in the hotter times of the year.
Propagationseeds, cuttings
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