Family: Scrophulariaceae

Scientific Name: Veronica spicata ssp incana Pure Silver

Common Name: Pure SIlver Veronica

DescriptionA veronica with silver gray foliage. Vigorous and tolerant of heat and humidity.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone4-8
Soil & Sitewell drained, tolerates average, can not tolerate wet winter soils.
Flowersblue, borne on terminal racemes
Leavessilver gray, mounding to flat
Dimensions1-2 by 1 foot (HS)
MaintenanceStalks can be cut within a few inches of the ground and the plant will respond with a ground cover of fresh new foliage.
Propagationdivision, cuttings on non blooming stems
Native SiteEastern Europe and Russia
Misc FactsLatin word incanus meaning hoary in reference to leaf appearance.
Notes & Reference#04-Herbaceous Perennial Plants (Allan Armitage), #54-The Well Tended Garden (DiSabato-Aust), #144-Missouri Botanical Gardens web site (
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