Family: Saxifragaceae

Scientific Name: Tiarella cordifolia Running Tapestry

Common Name: Running Tapestry Foam Flower


Running Tapestry Foam Flower (Tiarella cordifoila) is a good ground cover for the shaded moist garden.

Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone4-8
Sunlightpartial sun to shade
Moisturemoist sites are the best, needs to be watered during droughts
Soil & Siteprefers humus rich, moist well-drained soils with a ph range of 5-6.5
Flowersbottlebrush like flowers, starting to bloom in early May, flowers are an inflorescence called a raceme, small starry-like creamy white
Leavesmostly basal, green with an irregular pattern of red a the base of the heart shaped leaf
Dimensions12-15 by 12-18 inches (HS)
Cultivar OriginDiscovered by Jim Plyler of Natural Landscapes Nursery, West Grove. Pennsylvania USA.
Misc FactsTo successfully grow this plant avoid full sun dry sites.
Notes & Reference#105-Heuchera and Heucherellas (Dan Heims, Grahame), #119-Heuchera, Tiarella and Heucherella A Gardeners Guide (Charles and Martha Oliver), #203- North Creek Nursery (
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