Family: Poaceae

Scientific Name: Achnatherum calamagrostis

Common Name: Silver Spike Grass, Silver Spear Grass

DescriptionAn old world fine textured grass that grows best in higher altitudes where humidity is low and cooler nights.
Plant TypeGrass Ornamental
Hardiness Zone5-8
Moistureaverage, drought tolerant
Soil & Siteaverage, well drained, avoid rich soil
Flowerssilver-green spikes, tawny brown in the fall
Dimensions36 by 36 inches (HS), clump forming
Propagationseeds, division
Native SiteMountainous regions of central and southern Europe.
Cultivar OriginIntroduced into cultivation in the US by Lauren Springer Ogden. High Country Gardens Introduction
Misc Facts(syn Stipa calamagrostis, Agrostis calamagrostis)
Author's NotesIt will interesting to see how the cultural requirements of this grass expand, as more and more people start growing it in different parts of the world.
Notes & Reference#222-The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes (Rick Darke), High Country Gardens web site (
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