Family: Rosaceae

Scientific Name: Potentilla nepalensis Mrs Wilmont

Common Name: Mrs Willmott Potentilla

DescriptionA hardy perennial whose foliage looks like a strawberry plant. Forms a low spreading clump topped with 12 inch branches.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone5-9
Sunlightfull, mostly sunny
Moistureaverage, drought tolerant once established
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowerscherry-pink to red petals, dark almost black center, held above the foliage about a foot on branching stems, heavy bloom in late spring early summer, sporadically throughout the summer
Leavespalmately compound leaves
Dimensions12 inches tall with the flower stems, foliage low spreading
Propagationdivision, seeds
Native SiteNepal
Misc Facts"Miss Willmott' is named for the English gardening fanatic Ellen Ann Willmott (1860-1934). She was the wealthy patron of Alfred Parson, whom she commissioned to provide botanical paintings of the specimens in her rose garden". (#161)
Author's NotesThis plant seems to be very hardy. We have some plants growing in a garden at the garden center and they seem to do just fine on their own. Best used in groups so that the weak flowering stems can support each other.
Notes & Reference#40-Herbaceous Ornamental Plants (Steven Stills), #161-Paghat's Gardens (
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