Family: Caryophyllaceae

Common Name: Wallowa Mountains Desert Moss

DescriptionA low growing moss-like plant that can tolerate average to dry conditions.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone4-8
Sunlightfull, mostly sunny, part sun
Moistureaverage, moist, tolerates dry
Soil & Siteaverage, sandy
Flowerstiny, white
Leavesa moss look alike, green, evergreen
Dimensions1-2 inches tall, 8 inches wide, low mat forming growth form
Native SiteOregon, USA
Cultivar OriginPlant Select Petites, Oregon USA
Misc FactsAvoid humid areas especially in zones 7-8. A common name for this group is "Sandworts".
Author's NotesI have seen this plant growing in only one place. It adds a rich green cover to this area growing in and among the rocks.
Notes & ReferenceHorticulture Magazine Feb 2015
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