Family: Hemerocallidaceae

Scientific Name: Hemerocallis fulva Kwanso

Common Name: Kwanso Daylily

DescriptionA very rapid spreading double orange Daylily.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone4-9
Sunlightaverage, mostly sunny, some shade
Moistureaverage, tolerates some dryness, very tolerable
Soil & Siteaverage, very tolerable
Flowersdouble orange to rusty orange, can be very bright colored
Fruitseed pod, black seeds
Leavesstrap like leaves, spray from a crown just underneath the soil
Stemscrowns, stolons
Dimensions36-40 plus inches, a dormant daylily, a treploid
MaintenanceMaintenance of this plant is rather easy and can be treated like most perennials, which is cutting off the dead foliage in the fall when the plant is going dormant. Another way I like to do is clean the plant up after bloom and when the foliage starts to look a bit sad. Cut it back in a fan shape 4-6 inch above the ground. It will regrow and fill in with fresh foliage (hardiness zone #5). Likes to be fertilized in the spring and fall.
Propagationdivision in late summer early fall is best, can also be divided in the spring, always cut the foliage on the divisions back to a fan shape
Cultivar Origindiscovered about 1860
Misc FactsKwanso is the Japanese name for Daylily.(#133). Daylily flower buds are edible just before they open.
Author's NotesOnce this gets established it becomes hard to eradicate. In one garden I cut the patch down, rototilled the areas, raked out all the pieces. Next year I had a lawn of small Kwanso.
Notes & Reference#118-Daylilies (AB Stout), #124-The New Encyclopedia of Daylilies (Ted Petit, John Peat), #131 The Gardener's Guide to Growing Daylilies (Diana Grenfell)
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